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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my seats be grouped together?
Unless otherwise noted in the ticket listing multiple seats will always be grouped together for your convenience.
Do you charge fees at checkout?
Like all ticket companies we do charge fees at checkout, but the fees you'll pay on our site are significantly lower than most of those you'll find at our competitors' sites. Why do we charge any fees at all? Fees help to defray the cost of running our marketplace, as well as providing a high level of customer support. To keep our fees low and pass as much savings on to you as possible, we utilize technology and automation to make every aspect of our business as efficient as possible.
Are these prices different than face value?
Yes, prices will almost always differ from face value because the seller sets the price. Depending on the demand for the event you'd like to attend, the price could be either above or below face value. We always offer a wide range of prices and seating options so that even when prices are high, you can always find tickets that fit your needs and budget.
Are you associated with the venue?
Our marketplace is not affiliated with any venue, performer, sports team, or production company. We're an independent company in the business of providing great tickets and exemplary service.
Why are your prices constantly changing?
Tickets prices change as the demand for the event changes. Sometimes you will view a set of tickets in the morning and come back later in the day to notice a difference in price. The ticket market is extremely dynamic and demand changes constantly. We always recommend that you buy the tickets that interest you during your visit because prices and availability fluctuate a great deal, similar to the stock market.
What is your return policy?
We do not accept returns. However, if you buy tickets for an event that is cancelled permanently, we will refund your money. This occurs most often with sports playoff games, outdoor events, and when a performer becomes ill.
What are the shipping options?
We ship all our tickets with Fed Ex and our standard shipping rate is $15 for 2 day domestic delivery. Depending on the time of purchase, tickets are sometimes delivered the next day. We find that the majority of our customers appreciate the speedy service of Fed Ex. We also offer an expedited delivery service for $25. If you are buying tickets on the same day of an event, a near-term delivery charge will apply to ensure we can get you the tickets in time.
How can I be sure these tickets are real?
That's our job, and we take it pretty seriously. All of our tickets are real, no exceptions. We value your business and take measures to assure the quality of our inventory.
How can I be sure my purchase is secure?
When you enter our secure checkout you'll be able to verify the security of the page very easily. First, look at the address bar (where you type the name of a website) and you'll notice a small lock. That lock means that you've entered a secure part of our site and that you are completely protected from fraud. Another way to be sure is to look at the address itself. Secure web pages always begin with the prefix "https" and you will always note that feature during checkout on our site.
What if I lose my tickets?
Unfortunately there's not much we can do for you if you lose your tickets. Tickets are irreplaceable; venues only print one copy of tickets for every event to avoid fraud. We recommend you keep your tickets in a safe place until the day of the event and always remember to grab them before you leave home.
Can I track my tickets?
Yes, we offer a complimentary tracking service with all orders. However, the best way to immediately know when you can expect your tickets is to put yourself in contact with the seller. You will receive the seller's contact information in your order confirmation e-mail.
I'm going on vacation, can you ship my tickets to the hotel?
We can usually accommodate you in this situation. During the process of checkout you will notice a special instructions area where you can give us all the information needed to deliver the tickets to your vacation destination. Further validation of your identity will almost always be required of you in order to pick the tickets up at the hotel.